In a time where social media story telling is an integral part of growth, organizations need content and imagery to be their voice.


It's more important than ever for organizations to create a place where people can become passionate about their mission. Creating meaningful imagery to use for online and print marketing is essential to putting an organization on the map. 

We understand the needs of organizations and how difficult it can be while working with a limited budget. In order to create a place where more organizations can succeed and keep the funds they raise for their mission vs overhead costs, we work to provide them with professional photography, web development, and marketing tools needed to create a fantastic platform to grow their audience and further their goals.

With our team of professionals, we can guide organizations through every step of the process where they will learn how to tell their story in a creative way that makes the world wide web stop and take notice.


Do you know a charity organization who could benefit from our help?  Are you a professional photographer, videographer, or marketing professional who would like to get involved? Contact us today to nominate your organization, or to sign up to volunteer.



We travel the distance to bring photography + printed photos to kids and families in challenging circumstances, providing a framework for hope and proof of belonging that everyone deserves.


We travel to undeserved areas to bring the gift of photography. Images sustain the soul and feed the spirit, just as photos have done for families for generations.

The more we see ourselves as similar — despite the differences of circumstance, politics, religion, and poverty — the more we can empower underserved communities.  We all value our place in our family and community; to see that captured in a photo is a universal and timeless satisfaction.  

Big Picture Project leverages photography, printed photos, simple framing and authentic interest in people and places to enter communities and give this proof of life and connection for people outside the reach of first world privilege.


You can provide families and individuals with the gift of their treasured memories and captured moments.
A simple $25 donation provides the film, processing, and display materials needed for a family in need to receive their first family portrait.



100% of all donations go directly to the areas YOU decide to give to.  When you designate whether you would like your gift to support our quarterly charity partner, our efforts to help our charity partners with their photography and marketing, or to our "Give Smiles" campaign, you can be assured that your wishes are fulfilled and the full amount will go towards your choice.
Big Picture Project is an official 501(c)3 charity organization. 
All donations are tax deductible.