Beyond the standard of carrying the certified fair trade label which insures ethical working conditions, fair wages, a supportive work atmosphere, preserved traditions and honored heritage, and an opportunity for every artisan to pursue their dreams, 
your purchase of wood products from Kenya & Uganda support artisans who:

• are recognized worldwide for being skilled carvers who transform fallen wood into functional works of art. Using only basic hand tools, their skills are passed from father to son and requires years of patient practice to master.

• present the beauty of their natural world in finely crafted decorative and functional art. The artisans, their families and communities benefit greatly from the sale of wood products.

• create products from up to 3 tons of upcycled material each year.

A portion of your hand carved wood purchases provide Ugandan children with access to a safe home, nutritious meals, schooling, and stability. 

Your purchase of baskets from Kenya, Rwanda, & Ghana support artisans who:

are provided with skills training, market access, fair pay, a collaborative work environment, and a path for economic independence.

• create designs which speak to the modern world while respecting their African roots

use recycled, upcycled and local materials to minimize waste and support other businesses in our artisans’ communities.

• become specialists in certain shapes and designs. ⁠Each weaver brings her own special touch—creating a timeless piece of art with every basket.

• take more than 40 hours to create each basket. Your purchase is a true work of art which took considerable time and effort to create.

Your purchase of wall + home decor from Kenya support artisans who:

 are provided with in-house childcare allowing them to work during the day.

• receive healthy meals and morning tea each day while working.

 participate in mentorship programs and dream management courses which challenge them to set goals and dream big.

• receive fair, salaried wages which allows them to have consistent monthly income and provide for their families.