Beyond the standard of carrying the certified fair trade label which insures ethical working conditions, fair wages, a supportive work atmosphere, preserved traditions and honored heritage, and an opportunity for every artisan to pursue their dreams, 
your purchase of products from India support artisans who:

• are from all over the region. They are provided with health insurance and educational scholarships, directly investing in women's rights and social mobility Women artisans are able to get bank accounts, and they provide financial literacy trainings. 

• make every component of jewelry by hand, primarily from recycled materials. 

blend the traditional art forms of India with timeless and modern design aesthetic, bringing people and cultures closer together.


Your purchase of handbags from India support artisans who:

in the foothills of the Himalayas work in a beautiful office and manufacturing space that's open, light and where lunch is provided each day. The team comes together to eat and chat over their break. 

• are provided with safe, wonderful working conditions, fair trade, paying a living wage, profit sharing, and providing educational opportunities. 

 hand stitch each bag so that you can wear a unique piece that you know gives back to the world. They use sustainable materials wherever possible and ensure fair and ethical trade.

• receive vocational training, strategic mentorship, and small business loans to ensure they have all the necessary resources they need to succeed.