•creating dignified life changing jobs
•empower + lift families out of poverty
•inspirational jewelry

We are strong believers in the fact that if everyone does their part, we can make the world a better place. In Haiti, we do this by providing skilled artisans dignified employment. A job that is allowing them to provide for their families; food, education, healthcare. You can look at the artisans who make your beaded bracelets as family. And we all take care of our family.
The bracelets and the charms serve as a personal daily reminder for that person who is struggling with depression and chose the charm, "Theres Always Hope" or "I Am Enough." To the person who is fearful that chose the reminder, "Fear Is A Liar" or the teenage girl who looks in the mirror and thinks she's not worthy, who's mother or friend gifted her with a bracelet that says, "Worthy" + "You Are Loved." 
The other thing to love is that a portion of the proceeds from your purchase goes back to nonprofit organizations on the ground in Haiti. 

Every single bead on your bracelet passes through at least 10 artisans’ hands. From preparing the raw clay to creating the finished piece of jewelry.