Beyond the standard of carrying the certified fair trade label which insures ethical working conditions, fair wages, a supportive work atmosphere, preserved traditions and honored heritage, and an opportunity for every artisan to pursue their dreams, 
your purchase of products from Guatemala support artisans who:

• In an effort to support traditional life,have the opportunity to work at home, making them available to care for their children and household, while earning financial independence.

• Use the back-strap loom, the most ancient and sophisticated weaving tradition in Guatemala, which is exclusively used by women. The back-strap loom has been critical to the survival of Mayan culture through the centuries. 

• Are women of all ages, from their early twenties to their fifties and sixties, and they are single, married, or widowed. The women fit their work into their daily routines of cooking for their families, caring for children, and tending their milpas (corn, beans and squash crops) and animals.