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It's time to create sustainable solutions that ditch the need for plastic and create jobs for women. Let us introduce you to the bamboo cutlery set!

Made from sustainable bamboo. Reusable fork, knife, and spoon set.

We're doing our best to be a company that's both good for the planet and good for the people who inhabit it. Thank you for being part of our community!

These Bamboo Cutlery Sets are made in Vietnam by women committed to employing mainly marginalized groups. They focus on partnering with ethnic minority groups, rural or isolated communities, people with disabilities and traditional villagers. By providing these groups with good jobs and access to national and international markets, Team Vietnam brings visibility and dignity to marginalized populations. Team Vietnam uses its profits to:
• Train artisans on technical skills
• Train artisans on business skills
• Bring traditional goods to modern markets
• Increase visibility of marginalized populations
• Improve livelihoods for artisans all over the country

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